Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A legújabb: 2006. július!

(Deutsche Grammophon ~ 20-21)

  • Two world premieres on CD: the trumpet concertos From the Wreckage by Mark-Anthony Turnage and Heinz Karl Gruber’s Aerial. These two pieces are coupled with Jet Stream, the trumpet concerto by Peter Eötvös.

  • Both trumpet concertos by Turnage and Gruber have been written for Håkan Hardenberger, who “is both a phenomenal trumpet player and a superb musician who has created, virtually single-handed, a whole new repertoire for his instrument through his commitment to contemporary music”. (BBC Music Magazine).

  • Turnage is one of the key figures of contemporary music with a solid fan base; Gruber gained worldwide recognition in 1978 when Sir Simon Rattle premiered his neo-gothic melodrama Frankenstein; and Eötvös, a leading composer of today, recently had a huge success with his opera Angels of America premiered at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.
H. K. Gruber

M.-A. Turnage

Eötvös Péter

H. Hardenberger

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