Monday, December 04, 2006

A Schott-Musik jegyzete:

Description: On the occasion of Sofia Gubaidulina's 75th birthday on 24 October 2006, WERGO publishes a CD with chamber music where – besides Julius Berger and Stefan Hussong, two well-known interpreters of new music – Sofia Gubaidulina and her colleague, Viktor Suslin, join the artists. In "Am Rande des Abgrunds", the two composers play waterphones, instruments, which resemble water-filled censers with strange decorations. Their sound is rich in overtones and quite unusual, and contrasts sharply with the shimmering sound of the strings. Waterphones, employed rather rarely in new music – are an expression of the composer’s eagerness to experiment, actively and consciously grappling with the sound worlds of the cultures of Africa or East Asia.

Content: Am Rande des Abgrunds für sieben Violoncelli und zwei Aquaphone

De profundis für Akkordeon soloQuaternion für vier Violoncelli

In croce für Violoncello und Akkordeon (nach der Fassung für Violoncello und Orgel)

Gubajdulina aquaphonon játszik. Az "Am Rande des Abgrunds" (A mélység szélén) hét csellóra és két aquaphonra írt mű.

(Aquaphon: vízzel telt tömjéntartó edény. Az erre illesztett fémrudazatot vonóval szólaltatják meg - Az aquaphon-ról olvasható még: ITT)

1. Am Rande des Abgrunds Composer Sofia Gubaidulina (1931 - ) Performer Sofia Gubaidulina Viktor Suslin Period 20th CenturyRecording Studio

2. De profundis Composer Sofia Gubaidulina (1931 - ) Performer Stefan Hussong (Accordion)Date Written 1978 Period 20th CenturyCountry USSRRecording Studio

3. Quaternion Composer Sofia Gubaidulina (1931 - ) Performer Julius [cello] Berger (Cello)Genre QuartetDate Written 1996Period 20th CenturyCountry RussiaRecording Studio

4. In croce Composer Sofia Gubaidulina (1931 - ) Performer Stefan Hussong (Accordion)Julius [cello] Berger (Cello)Genre DuetDate Written 1979Period 20th CenturyCountry USSRRecording Studio

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